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Minas Partners is an international executive education, business consulting, and leadership coaching firm based in Los Angeles, California.


We exist to help professionals in emerging economies discover, develop, and deploy their talents to prosper their company, community, and country.

Our Story

Minas Partners was founded by a group of passionate professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in business, technology, and education.

They believe that everyone, regardless of where they are born and what circumstances they face, has tremendous talent waiting to be unleashed.


Sadly, most people never fully realize their potential because they lack access to quality education, professional training, and caring coaches.

Minas Partners offers services and solutions aimed to help individuals take intentional steps to discover, develop, and deploy their talents.

Our Name

Minas means talents in Latin. In Spanish, Swedish, and many other languages, minas translates to mines (e.g., gold mines).

Like natural precious metals, human talent is often hidden and latent. It takes time, effort, and wisdom to discover and realize its full potential.

Developing one’s talent is like mining for diamonds. Even after discovery, diamonds are rough. Minas Partners comes alongside individuals to help them find their talents, polish them, and make them sparkle.

Our Uniqueness

Focus on emerging industries

Learn from US-industry experts

Network with other professionals

Leverage latest technologies

Gain international experience

Benefit from whole-person approach

Our Team

Nelson King, PhD

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

With 40+ years of industry and academic experience, Nelson specializes in deploying IT to leverage business data, including knowledge management architecture, data analytics, and healthcare IT. He taught at the American University of Beirut and the Khalifa University in UAE. Currently, he serves as Dean and Professor of the School of Innovation and Management at UUC.

Tom Duong, MBA

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Tom brings operational and managerial experience across a range of functions. He is a founding partner to technology startups, a technology advisor to the US Air Force, and an advisor to the energy sector. His current interest is the intersection of data governance and technology ecosystems, including external stakeholders, and how that relationship is shaping system re-thinking. 

Mike Truong, PhD

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

With 20+ years of experience advancing digital learning for startup and mature higher education institutions, Mike's expertise includes technology planning, learning innovations, talent development, curriculum design, and online/blended learning. He currently consults with higher education institutions throughout the U.S. and Asia.

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