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Business Consulting

Minas Partners (MP) helps businesses see their challenges differently, discover new opportunities, and achieve results that lead to long-term sustainability and profitability.

How We Help Businesses

Minas Partners (MP) partners with leaders in business to tackle their most important challenges and seize their greatest opportunities.

MP's global team brings deep industry and functional expertise and a range of perspectives to inspire change.


Our approach to consulting includes a blend of digital and human capabilities, leveraging data science, technology, and business purpose.

We work in a uniquely collaborative model with our clients to deliver results that help our clients thrive.

We help our clients execute not only what’s possible today but also what’s unfolding tomorrow. 

Our Core Values

Investing in Leaders

MP believes that solid leaders are at the core of every successful business, so our consulting often starts with helping leaders identify, develop, and unleash their potential for the greatest impact.

Fostering Integrity

MP prides itself in fostering a culture of integrity in all we do, starting with honest communication, transparent practices, and ethical decision-making.

Seeking the Triple Bottom Line

MP believes that successful businesses commit to focusing on multiple bottom lines, including profits, people, and the planet.

Giving Back to Society

MP believes that as businesses accumulate wealth, power, and influence, they have a social responsibility to give back to society, investing in opportunities for others to succeed.

Successful Businesses

  • Are purpose-driven and mission-oriented.

  • Treat employees well by compensating fairly and equitably.

  • Sell quality goods and services that will benefit people and society.

  • Turn customers into brand ambassadors.

  • Abide by the law and make ethical decisions.

  • Pay vendors and bills on time.

  • Practice basic environmental stewardship.

  • Have senior leaders who are accountable to all stakeholders.

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