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Global Experiences

How can you change the world if you don’t understand it?

Minas Partners offers executives and entrepreneurs the opportunity to participate in instructor-led, business-focused international travels.

You will gain a rich perspective of global management issues and experience life-changing insights through taking part in these exciting trips.

What are Global Experiences?

Minas Partners Global Experiences (MPGX) provides you with an immersive way to understand the culture, business environment, and social norms of a country that is new to you.


You’ll visit businesses and organizations in different industries, such as consumer products, energy, finance, health care, media and entertainment, technology, and telecommunications.


You will gain important principles, learnings, and professional networks from your MPGX that can be immediately applied back at home.

U.S. Study Trips

Spend 7 to 10 days in the United States in an intensive group-learning experience led by a faculty.


Through the study trip, you will gain the skills needed to critically examine a challenging global issue by meeting a variety of stakeholders (CEOs, small-business owners, young professionals, government officials, and entrepreneurs) to understand their wide range of perspectives.


Global study trips foster a unique learning community of 20 to 30 students and a faculty member through formal and informal learning, including pre-trip meetings, on-the-ground activities, and discussions and reflection before, during, and after the trip.

Our Instructors

Our Global Experiences trips are led by our distinguished instructors who are respected practitioners and industry experts. In many cases, they come to us from other well-known schools in the world, such as Stanford, MIT, USC, and INSEAD. Throughout the trip, our instructors will share not just their professional expertise but also their personal experiences dealing with some of the most complex challenges facing business leaders today. Their primary motivation is to teach talented and creative students like you who want to make a difference in your company, community, and country through this unique global experience. 

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